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There are many schools and styles to choose from and the choice can be confusing.  This school's teachers/Sensei's help it stand out from the rest.  They are patient and respectful with my kids while making learning fun.  They help them advance in their training and push them to go beyond what they think are their limits to help them shine.

They also work to establish a form of community by participating ricipating in city parades, fun theme nights for kids, and a yearly tournament.  Overall this school is well rounded to help create a strong base for my kids confidence and core mechanics.

Bonus, the sensei's are quite funny.

Diana W.

My grandson who was 8 and 1/2 years old was advised by the Behavior Therapist to put in extracurricular activities like Karate so that he can spent extra energy. After joining this center, I found tremendous improvement in his group activities and importantly he became more responsible and confident to handle any situation since he is able to focus on his activities which is very productive academically and in overall development of his personality.

Swatantar Shah

Sensei Miles is an excellent teacher and is wonderful with the kids. He has fun while teaching, which makes it very enjoyable for the class. I see all of the kids laughing while working hard and improving quickly.

Trish Albano

Caring and fun environment! My kids look forward to class. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a positive environment for their kids to learn karate. They also offer party package.

Angela Marie

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