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White Belt


Stances/Steps: Front Position, Horse Stance, Fighting Stance, Half Moon Step


Blocks: 8 Point Blocking, Slipping and Rolling


Strikes: Jab, Cross, Ball Kick, Side Kick Hammer & Back Fist, Side Elbow


Falls/Rolls: Back & Forward Slap Out


Combinations: #6 & #7


Kempos: Low High, Heavy Hammer


Forms: 1 Pinon


Fighting Combinations: 1, 2 + Any Kick

White Belt with Sensei Miles and Sensei Aiden. - YouTube

White Belt (1 Pinion 1st half) - YouTube

1 Pinion 🥋 - YouTube

Yellow Belt


Blocks: 8 Point Blocking with Closed Hand Strikes, Palm Block, Wing Block


Strikes: Back Two Knuckle, Karate Chop, Thrust Punch, Dropping/Round House Elbow


Falls/Rolls: Forword & Backward Roll


Combinations: #2 & #3


Kempos: Dropping Elbow & Swinging Hammer


Forms: 2 Pinion


Fighting Combinations: 1,2,3,4 + Any Kick


Defensive Skills: Wrist & Shoulder Grabs

Yellow Belt with Sensei Aiden and Sensei Miles - YouTube


Orange Belt


Blocks: 8 Point Blocking with Open Hand Strikes, X Blocks (UP/DOWN)


Strikes: Tiger Rake, Round House Kick, Scoop Kick, Stomp, Knee Strike, Knife Hands, Snake Poke


Falls/Rolls: Side Slap Outs, Side Roll


Combinations: #4 & #5


Kempos: Double Stricker, Driving Chops


Forms: 1 Kata


Fighting Combinations: 1,2,1,1,2 & 1,3,2 + Any Kick


Defensive skills: Bear Hug Escape  

Orange Belt with Sensei Aiden and Sensei Miles - YouTube

Purple Belt


Stances: Cat Stance, Crane Stance


Blocks: 8 Point with Closed and Open Opposite Strikes, Perry Block, Falling Leaf Block


Strikes: Snap Kick, Back Hand, Balm Strike, Heel Kick


Falls/Rolls: Walking/Running Role, Jump Land Rolls


Combinations: #8 & #18


Kempos: 7 Striker, Spinning Dragon


Forms: 2 Kata


Fighting Combinations: 2 Kick Combinations followed by any Punch

Purple Belt with Sensei Miles and Sensei Aiden - YouTube

Blue Belt


Blocks: 8 Point Blocking with Open Hand Opposite Strikes, Wing Block with Grabs


Strikes: Forearm Smash, Jumping Snap Kick, Double Wing Chops & Tiger Rake, Spinning Back Kick


Rolls: Dive Roles


Combinations: #9 & #12


Kempos: Flying Dragon, Tiger Raker


Forms: Stature of The Crane


Fighting Combinations: Any 3-5 Strikes with a Spinning Kick set up

Blue with Green Stripe


Blocks: Monkey Grab, Over Under Wrap, Double Wing


Strikes: Tiger Mouth, Reap Sweep, Ridge Chop, Standing Arm Lock, Double Chops, Double Knees


Combinations: #1 & #10


Kempos: Snow Leopard, Flying Knees


Forms: 3 Pinion


Fighting Combinations: Any number of Strikes followed by a Takedown.


Takedowns and Throws: Reap Sweep, Single & Double Leg Take Down, Leg Catch and Throw Down


Green Belt

Stances/Steps: Cross Stance

Blocking System: 10 Point Blocking


Strikes: Poison Thumb, X-Strike (To Throat), Bear Paw, Hook Kick


Combinations: #17, #19 & #24


Kempo’s: Tiger Kicks the Sand, Smashing Tiger, Black Tiger


Forms: 4 Pinion

Weapons: Jo Staff Practice Set (Both Sides)


Takedowns and Throws: Introduction to Submission



Green with Brown Stripe

Stances/Steps Bo Stance

Blocks Trap & Lock


Strikes: Leopard Paw, Trigger Finger


Combinations: #11, #16 & #21


Kempo’s: Leppard Rolls Through The High Grass, Leppard Climbs Down The Tree, Leppard Tackles Its Pray.

Forms: 5 Pinion


Weapons: Introduction to Bo Staff Exercises


Takedowns and Throws: Arm Bar, Ankle Pick


Brown 3rd Degree

Blocks: 4 Point Blocking

Strikes: Immortal Man, Jumping Front Kick


Combinations: #20, #22 & #23


Kempo’s: Cranes Wing, Crane Takes Flight, Hopping Crane.


Forms: 3 Kata

Weapons: Jo Staff Form


Takedowns and Throws: Hip Toss, Reverse Reap Sweep, Tiger Mouth Walk Through, Introduction to Guard Position


Jo Staff - YouTube

Jo Staff - YouTube


Brown 2nd Degree

Blocks: Upholding Block

Strikes: Snake Strike, Buddha Palm, Spinning Crescent Kick


Combinations: #13, #25, #28


Kempo’s: Snake Darts Out Tung, Snake Coils around Tree Branch, Snake Shoots Venom.


Forms: 4 Kata

Weapons: Bo Form #1


Fighting Skills: Submission from Guard, Dragon Tail Sweep, Sparring Continuous 3 Rounds (2 Minutes Each)

Bo Staff for 2nd Dagree Brown Belt - YouTube

Brown 1st Degree

Strikes: Smash Kick, Scissor Kick, Flying Side Kick, Jumping Spinning Reverse Crescent


Takedowns and Throws:

Freestyle to Submission, Iron Broom Sweep


Combinations: #14, #15 & #26

Kempo’s: Double Dragon, Dragon Whips Its Tail, Dragon Rides the Wind.


Forms: 5 Kata, 2 Person Fist Set

Weapons: Bow Form #2


Fighting Combinations:  2 on 1 Sparring




Black Belt 1st Degree


Blocks: Plum Tree

Combinations: #27, #29, #30 & #40

Kempo’s: Revealing Tiger, Lose Hands, Waving Hands In The Cloud, Snake Poke.

Forms: 6 Kata

Black Belt Info Coming Soon.

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